February Call Replays

Soulpreneur Call

Group Mentorship Call with Csia

February 23, 2022


Use the timestamps below to dive in!

0:11 Welcome and grounding meditation

6:06 Intentional and aligned magnetism in your business

13:29 One-on-one sessions versus group offerings

24:55 Transitioning from in-person to online offerings

30:19 Claiming your multidimensionality within yourself and in your magnetic messaging

37:54 Magnetic messaging through the lens of your divine client

43:02 Messaging pillars versus programming pillars

45:11 Laser coaching: email magnetic messaging

1:01:27 Trusting your evolutionary process

1:19:30 Copywriting tip: Embodying the frequency of self-worth when writing

1:21:50 Copywriting tip: Free-flow write without revising. Revision is a separate process.

1:24:40 Four C’s of copywriting.

1:31:19 Receiving inspiration from divine client conversations and their languaging

1:35:03 Social media messaging

1:39:36 Clarity in magnetic messaging

1:50:00 Closing

Soulpreneur Call

Group Mentorship Call with Anya Devi

February 9, 2022


Use the timestamps below to dive in!

3:36 Welcome and meditation

11:04 Speaking into what is present and our sacred why

15:23 Standing in sovereignty. Connecting to divine client.

20:52 Setting client and group boundaries. Dealing with triggers and protecting your space.

33:11 Rebranding, and aligning your medicine pillars with your content

46:22 Grounding, reparenting, creating structure

56:53 Honoring where you are on the path. Living in an embodied, intentional way.

1:08:55 Speaking into coaching sessions and getting support within the sisterhood

1:13:08 Closing meditation

 VIP Ascension Day Session 3

with Sofiah

February 4, 2022

Use the timestamps below to dive in!

1:03 Anchoring into your practices to fully embody what you are offering

14:48 Coming into your full presence and recognizing yourself as the offering

26:52 Holding space for yourself through confusion. Remembrance of who you truly are

40:44 Visioning yourself in your ascended frequency to support your next level

55:22 Action steps, connect with a sister for this journey

59:30 Closing

 VIP Ascension Day Session 2

with Sofiah

February 4, 2022

Use the timestamps below to dive in!

0:10 Shifting from undercharging to more aligned money reciprocity.

0:06:40 Moving from group offerings to 1:1 work

12:39 Opening to your creative channels

26:01 Getting clear on offerings, medicine pillars, sweet spot

38:28 Clear messaging for your divine client, naming your program

52:43 Expanding to your next level

1:07:03 Break

 VIP Ascension Day Session 1

with Sofiah

February 4, 2022

Use the timestamps below to dive in!

0:05 Welcome and celebrations

08:22 Speaking into alignment shifts and putting a pause on things

25:55 Visioning dance journey

1:17:48 Journaling

1:25:30 Sister shares

1:45:15 Break

Soulpreneur Call

Group Mentorship Call with Sky

February 2, 2022


Use the timestamps below to dive in!

0:29 Welcome and dancing

8:11 Speaking into visibility and building awareness

15:38 Coming back to your sacred why and core messaging

21:08 Seven visibility codes

58:53 Creating a new program, value and pricing

1:05:58 Duality of celebration and contraction

1:19:32 Honoring your unique expression and essence through your content

1:27:14 IG captions, content planning

1:36:28 Using music in your content, cataloguing content, content evolution

1:54:38 Showing up authentically in your full essence

2:02:22 Closing

Have a beautiful day!