Sensuality, aliveness, and presence… this is what it means to be living in our PLEASURE.

As I approach my 44th year in just a few days, I wanted to share this topic with you that feels most alive with me. Honestly, I can say that after 44 years, I still feel so fully ALIVE, sensual, and connected to my pleasure, maybe more than ever!

But it wasn’t always this way. I’ve had to refine, relearn, and recommit to being on the Path of Pleasure. 

Pleasure and Sensuality start with being fully present, turning ON your senses, & letting yourself be enveloped in the richness of your feminine experience.

It is deeply personal and it takes practice, sister. 

That’s why we’ll be diving into these themes together this month in our RADIANCE Sisterhood! 

– full moon ritual for pleasure –


lesson 1

It is time to give the primal sensual goddess within permission to express her wild self. Awaken your senses and activate your full presence as you invite pleasure into your day to day. 

Sister, you get to define pleasure on your terms. Where this ritual takes you is completely your choice. I invite you stay curious and see what comes alive in your Temple Body.


– Come into the present moment when you feel overwhelmed or ungrounded

– Feel GOOD in your body

– Find more delight in your day-to-day

Awaken Your Senses: Ritual

Time: 20-30 minutes  |  Items Needed:  A Comfortable Space,  Journal & Pen

1. Create Sacred Space. Settle in to a space that is pleasing to your senses and makes you feel comfortable and safe arousing your senses. Keep your journal and pen nearby. Take a few deep breaths to ground and bring your full presence to the present moment.

2. Set Your Intention. Invite yourself to let go of pressure or embarrassment. Let your primal sensual self be present, and assure her she will be held during this experience.

3. Awaken the Senses. Using the invitations below, start a dialogue with each of the each of your five senses. As you awaken each of the senses, pay attention to how they feel, what they have to say, and how they want to express. Allow yourself to find pleasure in the feelings, imagery, and visions they evoke.

Sight : Let your eyes drift around the space you are in while taking in every little detail; the colors, the textures. Notice where your gaze stops and finds beauty in your surroundings.

What do you SEE when your gaze is focused on the beauty in life?

What sights turn you on? Write them down.

Hearing : Now, expand your sense of hearing. Notice the sounds of the room you are in. Then, expand the reach of your hearing to the sounds that may be present outside your room. Bring your attention back to the sound of your breath.

What do you HEAR when you listen deeply within and without?

What sounds turn you on? Write them down.

Taste : Next, imagine the taste of your favorite sensual delight. Chocolate melting in your mouth or maybe sweet strawberries on your tongue. Feel your mouth water in delight as you fully experience their flavor.

What does pleasure taste like?

What tastes turn you on? Write them down.

Smell : Next, imagine your favorite scents. Imagine breathing each one fully into your body and awareness.

What aspects of your primal sensual self does this scent bring alive?

What smells turn you on? Write them down.

Touch : Lastly begin to gently caress your body. Touching yourself as tenderly and with as much presence as you would your give to your beloved. Let the energy of your touch pulsate through your entire being. 

How does it feel to give yourself the gift of touch?

What touches/textures turn you on? Write them down.

4. Invoke your wild self. Declare the awakening of your full sensual self. Create and invocation you can use throughout your day to give permission for your wild, sensual self to guide you into creating with pleasure.

“I say YES to my wild sensual self.”

5. Reclaim Your Pleasure. Read all of the pleasurable things you’ve written down in your journal. Notice how much love and pleasure is available to you in your every day simply by awakening the senses.

6. Share your Pleasure. Before you close, take a photo of yourself in your pleasure. Use this image to remember your primal sensual self this month. Give yourself permission to share your photo in the FB group, with the simple text: “I say YES to my wild sensual self”.

7. Offer Gratitude. Close the ritual by offering gratitude to your senses and all that they allow you to perceive in the world. Thank your sensual wild self for awakening you to more pleasure. Continue to nurture and connect with your senses during this next moon cycle, paying attention to the pleasure it brings into your life.

– intro to pleasure –


lesson 2

Get ready to explore your pleasure!

As women, we are wired for pleasure by simply tuning in to our senses and allowing ourselves to become fully present to what turns us on.

By saying yes to your pleasure you create space to experience your full sensual essence and increase your capacity to be present in your life.

Your body is wired for pleasure. I invite you to say YES to this pleasure.

We started the month with Lesson One for the Full Moon Ritual. I invite you to open to even more pleasure with:

You get to choose how you show up in your life and what you say yes to. By giving yourself full permission to experience pleasure in your body you reclaim your sexual sovereignty and your divine sensual essence.

Experience this guided dance journey to embody your pleasure as you invoke and awaken your divine sensual essence.

*Prepare for the journey by adorning yourself in as little clothing as you feel comfortable in. Gather a nibble of something that brings you pleasure or some essential oils. Find a safe space to indulge in this practice where you feel free to explore your body and your senses. 

In these embodiment videos, please honor your body by making any necessary modifications to support you.


Journal Prompt:

Take 10 minutes this week to journal with the following prompt:

“How do I desire to experience more pleasure in my life?”


Repeat this mantra every day this week to invoke pleasure into all that you do and create day today:

“I say YES to experiencing the pleasure available to me.”


What do you feel from this dance?

What do you feel from the journal prompt and mantra?

Share what comes up for you inside the Facebook Group (the good and the challenges!) Your sisters on this journey are such a wonderful resource for you! We are here to help each other grow.

– self-guided pleasure playlist & ritual –


lesson 3


As I was planning out this month’s course in Pleasure, I realized how much my mood can shift into pleasure with one simple thing: Music.

Music has an incredible power to abruptly alter our state of mind. It can change the way we feel about our life, and it can certainly change the way we feel about our bodies!

For this week’s Pleasure Practice, I created a music playlist for you to use in conjuncture with a self-guided sensual pleasure ritual. This week is all about taking action that brings you pleasure!

Playlist image by Melissa Robin, models Andrea Mattson & Maite Onochie


1. Put on this 60-minute playlist and feel your body and mind gently coming together in union. Put your hands on your body and touch your skin. Lick your lips. Let yourself feel luscious as you begin to connect to your senses.

2. From this sensual place with the music still playing, I invite you to do something that brings your full awareness to the present moment and turns your senses ON! This can be simply sitting on your bed and rubbing beautifully scented lotion on your body, gently massaging your neck and shoulders, taking a bubbly bath with candles, or if you feel called pleasure your yoni too.

And remember, being sensual with yourself doesn’t mean you have to be sexual. Heighten your sensual awareness with the music, and add other scents, touches, tastes, and visuals that please you. but by all means, if you’re feeling sexual make this a practice about sexual pleasure!

I created this playlist in a beautiful Epsom salt bath outdoors with the sounds of Costa Rican nature around me. I let my body move and sway in the water as a let my fingers graze my slippery skin. It was so yummy and nourishing to me! I invite you to find your unique way to fill yourself up with yummy nourishment through this playlist and practice this week. xx

 – new moon ritual for pleasure –


lesson 4

Have you been opening to receive more PLEASURE in your life this month?

The mindset of being open to receive is very feminine and inherently entwined with our pleasure. When we make the choice to align our intentional thoughts and actions with OPENING up, our energy begins to shift. We can find ourselves RECEIVING so much more goodness from the simple act of being OPEN.

When you are in a state of Pleasure, sister, you OPEN your Temple Body to RECEIVE all that you deserve and desire.

Do this powerful New Moon Ritual in the evening to help you open to receive more pleasure, delight, inspiration, and fortune… because you deserve it!

Sister, now is the time to recognize the ripple of goodness that can come from being in your pleasure. This ritual will support you in using your pleasure to open yourself to receive more of what you desire in life. Allow yourself some space to come fully alive in your senses as you enjoy this ritual.

1. Create a Pleasure Space. Choose a space for this ritual that allows you to easily connect with your pleasure. Create a container for this experience where you feel safe to open and receive.

2. Come into a state of Pleasure. Using what you already know brings you pleasure, consciously begin to generate feelings of pleasure within your Temple Body. Move, dance, write, sing, or touch your body to bring yourself into that state.

3. Feel Your Pleasure. Once you have aligned with the frequency of pleasure, tune your awareness into how you feel. Use the following prompt to guide you in receiving the full feeling of pleasure in your Temple Body. Use your journal to jot down what comes through. “When I align with the frequency of pleasure I feel…”

4. Create Your Pleasure Mantra. Fill in the phrase below to create a mantra that opens you to receive more of all you desire in your life. These things can be intangible or tangible, too! “The more pleasure I experience, the more ________ I receive.”

5. Embody Your Pleasure. With your Temple Body fully aligned with the frequency of pleasure, speak your mantra and allow yourself to be guided into a full body gesture/dance that evokes your pleasure mantra. Remember this gesture/dance as you go about your day and use it to evoke a feeling of pleasure and openness to receive.

6. Offer Gratitude. Close the ritual by offering gratitude for all that your pleasure has guided you to receive in your life.

BONUS: Share Your Mantra in the Radiance Sisterhood! Share your own mantra, and be inspired by the infinite possibilities shared by others that pleasure can bring into life!

– live group call on pleasure –


lesson 5

It was so nourishing to see so many of your beautiful faces on our LIVE Sister Sharing Circle talking about PLEASURE!

On this live circle, we talked about the power we have to rewrite the stories of our lineage around pleasure… We are here to be the models for our daughters and all women of what it looks like to be in our bodies in a healthy way.

As women, we are part of the earth, and the more that we come into our senses, the more we can experience pleasure just in being.

The more we are turned on, give ourselves permission to feel pleasure, and say YES to ourselves, the more Radiant we become.

You will LOVE watching the replay below of our September Sister Sharing Circle with a dance, meditation, and conversation on living life with PLEASURE!

What are you opening up to with the power of this New Moon?


Reflect on these past few weeks of saying YES to pleasure. What has been showing up? What do you desire to shift? with the power of the New Moon?

Pleasure is an act of receptivity. We are open to receive…to receive what we desire.

Create your pathway to pleasure. Envision what it would look like for you to experience pleasure and live with pleasure every day. Pleasure is not just about what sexually turns you on, but really about moving through LIFE in a way that turns you on, that feels good, that is aligned with your sacred YES.

– meditation & blessing for pleasure –


lesson 6

Radiance Sister,

As we wrap up this month’s course in Pleasure, I wanted to create something that you could use every day to…


Every day you have the choice of what frequency you align with in your Temple Body. You can decide to create your life from a place of pleasure, ease, and gratitude to activate your RADIANCE!

For this week’s Pleasure Practice, I created a guided meditation for you to help you anchor in to pleasure! You can use this practice at any time during the day to recommit to pleasure. 


1. Tune in to to this 8-minute guided meditation to align with pleasure. Use this practice to start your day or anytime you feel disconnected from your pleasure.

2. Let go of the mind, drop all the to-do’s, and come into your body. Allow this practice to guide you back into your body and bring you into the present moment. It is in the present moment that you are able to experience the fullness of yourself and your pleasure.

3. Awaken your senses. Use what you have discovered about your own senses this month and what evokes pleasure for you. Bring your awareness to these pleasure sensations. Lick your lips, touch your body, widen your hips, and rock your pelvis as you listen.

4. Use a pleasure mantra to anchor in to during your day. Create your own pleasure mantra or mudra (body gesture) to bring you back into your body and into your pleasure. Or use my daily pleasure mantra: I choose to move through my day from a place of pleasure.

5. Tap your body as you tune in to the frequency of your pleasure. Gently tap your fingertips on your body as you feel the frequency of pleasure. This tapping will help you bring awareness to the sensation of pleasure moving through you. You can use this technique throughout your day as well to bring you back into pleasure and the present moment.

6. Fill in the gap with what you are opening up to receive. In the meditation I speak: “The more pleasure I experience the more _________________ I receive.”


This transmission came through to help you align with pleasure in your day. I invite you to use this practice to anchor in to pleasure and bring more ease and flow into your day. Enjoy! xx Sofiah