Module Three

Daily Practices

Be with your Yoni egg each day.

– Make your life a ritual. Create space for Self-Pleasure practices this week, even if that is simply massaging your breasts and/or yoni and taking time to love your body.

– Complete the Yoni Awakening Video with or without a yoni egg.

– Connect with the yoni egg each day this week, even if it is just seeing your egg on your altar, holding the egg in between your palms or placing it on your heart or womb and breathing with the egg.

– Infuse your yoni egg with your sankalpa and personal mantra.

– Connecting with the TBA guiding compass point, Sexual Sovereignty, repeat the mantra “I am a sexually sovereign being. I honor my sacred yes and sacred no.”

– Reflect and write in your daily Morning Pages on your current relationship with your sexuality, your yoni, and your womb.  

– Answer the Reflection Questions in your journal and connect with the Sisterhood and Queen’s Chamber.

You can purchase your yoni eggs here through Sacred Lotus through Sacred Lotus Yoni Steams:

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Video: Awakening with the Yoni Egg

In the Yoni Egg Awakening Video, you are guided to create a sacred space to journey with awakening your sexual creative energy and recognizing the power you have to repattern and release old stories or relationships through our intentions.  If you feel a YES in your Temple Body and yoni, invite your yoni egg into your body and connect with the egg using the video to guide you.

You are then guided through a movement practice to open up the channels from your lotus flower yoni portal through your body!

Yoni Egg Mentorship Call

In our Module Three call I guide you into a meditation to connect to your sacred YES and sacred NO. We then discuss the different types of Yoni Eggs, their various benefits and have a juicy dialogue around sexuality and our sovereignty.